European Sunlight Association

voice of the european indoor tanning industry

ESA has developed a European Code of Conduct to guarantee that tanning studios are providing safe and responsible tanning.

Every tanning studio affiliated to one of the member associations of the European Sunlight Association (ESA) is bound by this code. It indicates how the quality and safety of tanning and related services are to be ensured.

ESA also created an infographic summarising the Code of Conduct in a visual way.

Controlled Admission

Only clients aged 18 or above are allowed to use professional tanning devices. Trained staff check for contraindications and ensure that only those with appropriate skin types use the sunbeds. Anyone from an ‘at risk’ group is screened out.

Personal Assessment

All new clients, clients who have not used a solarium for a long time or clients whose personal circumstances have changed significantly (e.g. through illness, or the use of medication) will be properly assessed, to determine their skin condition. This assessment may consist of a personal conversation, completion and discussion of an intake form or completion of a questionnaire on a computer.

Information and Advice

Based on this evaluation, information and advice will be provided on the use of sunbeds and the appropriate session time limit.


Great care is taken with respect to hygiene. Sunbeds and client areas are to be kept clean at all times. Each sunbed is cleaned after every session and disinfected according to local laws and regulations.


Sunbeds in use fulfil the relevant European standards. The indoor tanning facilities ensure that the maintenance of the equipment, including the periodic replacement of lamps, is carried out according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In parallel, ESA regularly organises information seminars in the Member States with national tanning associations in order to train tanning studio staffs to properly apply this code of conduct. ESA also recently launched its European training platform for sunbed operators and their staff. It is of course also compliant with the European Standard EN-16489.