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April 21st, 2017

Brussels, 21 April 2017 – Researchers have demonstrated in a new study that raising vitamin D levels reduce considerably cancer risk: when sufficient vitamin D synthesis in the body is combined with appropriate calcium levels overall cancer risk was found to be 30 percent lower. [1]

Regular and moderate exposure to sunlight has repeatedly being proven to be the most natural and efficient way to absorb vitamin D, boosting our mood and protecting the immune system.

Frank Harbusch, Secretary General of the European Sunlight Association (ESA), said: “Our lifestyle has brought people to spend most of their time indoors, leaving little room for direct sun exposure even during brighter months. This study sheds light on the importance of vitamin D on our health and specifically in preventing cancer“.

A solid body of previous research has shown that cancer risk is reduced by as much as 67 percent when people reach a vitamin D level of 40 ng/ml, in comparison with having a level of 20 ng/ml or less. Nowadays, 20 ng/ml is considered the minimum threshold for healthy levels in the blood stream.

To make sure you are reaping the large health benefits of vitamin D, a first step is to have your vitamin D level checked, twice a year halfway through summer and winter, corresponding to the highest and lowest levels.

You can download the press release here.


[1] Lappe, Watson, Travers-Gustafson et al (2017). Effect of Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation on Cancer Incidence in Older Women. A Randomized Clinical Trial.