European Sunlight Association

voice of the european indoor tanning industry

September 10th, 2020

We are happy to publish our Manifesto tackling a number of critical issues and sharing industry’s key objectives for the future. We remain being the European voice of the indoor tanning industry as we pool our resources and expertise to bring tangible benefits to both our members and their customers across Europe. We would hereby like to express our intentions and devotion to maintaining a constructive and open dialogue with the relevant stakeholders as well as close cooperation with the EU bodies and Member State national authorities. It is in our industry’s best interest that effective implementation of the applicable legislation and European standards is ensured as well as that high levels of consumer protection are achieved. We look forward to sharing our vision and goals and hope to urge relevant authorities to undertake a more balanced approach to sunbed use especially in light of emerging scientific data about the positive effects of moderate exposure to sunlight and importance of maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D.

To read more about our objectives and commitments for the future, please access our Manifesto here.