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November 30th, 2016

This week ESA launches its European training platform for sunbed operators and their staff. The new training is compliant with the European Standard EN-16489.

Sunbeds are designed to offer a controlled tanning environment. Whilst this may seem a rather simple statement, tanning is a much more complex issue.  The professional sunbed industry provides a service where a tan can be achieved under controlled conditions.

However, to give best advice to their customers, sunbed operators and their staff must have an appropriate knowledge of all the issues surrounding tanning.
This eLearning has been designed to provide the appropriate knowledge and is in compliance with the training requirements of the European Standard EN-16489-1.

Participants login online and are free to choose which chapter they want to start with. Every section has both text and video elements, which allows different type of learners to be stimulated with both visual and textual elements. At the end of each section, the participants find a summary with the most important learning content. Once they have studied a section, they must answer a series of related questions to finish. After completing all sections successfully the participants will get a confirmation for having attended this preparatory training course.

As the next and final step participants get in contact with their national indoor tanning association for scheduling a practical and theoretical examination at a local training facility. This is where participants have to prove that they are ready to provide good advice to customers, carry out a proper customer’s intake and respect hygiene and information standards.

You can visit the eLearning platform here: www.sunlightassociation.eu .

Screenshot eLearning ESA