European Sunlight Association

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February 3rd, 2015

On 3rd of February, the European Sunlight Association a.s.b.l. (ESA) held its General Meeting in Dernbach, Germany. In total, 23 participants attended the meeting from 17 ESA member associations and companies representing 10 member countries. Of course it is always a pleasure to see everyone coming together on this occasion.

Among the „usual suspects“ topics that tackle administrative and technical aspects, ESA members also elected a new board. For the coming 2 years it consists now of Christina Lorenz (Chairperson), Jens-Uwe Reimers (Treasurer), Stefan Dressendörfer (Secretary), Christian Sauska (Board Member), Dick van de Linde (Board Member), Jürgen Lowitzki (Board Member), Günther Schaffron (Board Member), Gary Lipman (Association Observer), Huib van Heest (Deputy Association Observer).

ESA board

One of the highlights of the meetings was the reporting by member associations. This is when everyone sees how different the situation is in the different countries and this gives the ESA team also valuable insights for their work.

A project that everyone welcomes is the European service and training standard EN16489. The chairperson encouraged everyone to implement it in their country. ESA has already started a pilot project in the UK to kick-off the implementation of the European Standard for the whole of Europe.

After a long day of a meeting the participants had dinner together and the opportunity to catch up in a more informal way.